Dakor is a city located in Kheda district and known for its grand temple of Shree Krishna (Shree Ranchhodraiji) which has a historical significance. It is believed that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Mirabai visited this temple to pay homage to the Shree Krishna idol.

Once a sleepy village, it used to crackle with a large number of khakhra (Butea monosperma) trees and was therefore often called a ‘Khakhariu gaam’. Dakor is named after Rishi Dank who had his Ashram here. The Danknath Mahadev temple stands on the banks of Gomti Lake.

On purnima (full moon) every month, this temple town awakens to thousands of visitors in colorful festivity. Inspired by the revered legend of Bodana, many devotees even today come on foot from great distances. Dakor is also known for its lip-smacking gotas accompanied by tea or dahi (yogurt).

Tourist Places

Ranchhodraiji Temple



Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad (93 km from Dakor)
Vadodara Airpor (68 km from Dakor)
Dakor Railway Station
Anand Railway Station (32 km from Dakor)
GSRTC Bus station, Dakor (500 m from Dakor Railway Station)
Local Cabs Available


Radhe Hospitals
Medicare Hospital
Anand Accupressure Therapy
Patanjali Chikitsalaya

Shop & Eat

Shri Ram Wood Craft
Raj Rajeshwari Jewellers
Shreeji Imitation Jewellery
Shree Bhagwati Jewellers
Metro Mall
Dakor Handloom
Shreeji Thal
Hotel Moti Hari Omwala
Rannchoddrai Bhojnalay
DS Pizza