Morbi was a princely State ruled by the Jadeja clan of Rajputs until Indian independence in 1947. Situated on the Kathiawar peninsula, the city of Morbi and much of the building heritage and town planning is attributed to the administration of Sir Lakhdhiraji Waghji, who ruled from 1922 to 1948. The quaint cobbled alleyways and buildings in Morbi are reminiscent of 19th century Europe. Morbi’s former ruler Sir Waghji inspired by Colonial influences, designed a technologically planned and versatile city. The visitor is welcomed into the city through a grand suspension bridge, an artistic and technological marvel of that period. European influence in town planning further contributed to a central square known as the Green Chowk, approachable by three gates, each designed in its own inimitable style incorporating both Rajput and Italian elements.

Tourist Places

Julto Pul (Hanging Bridge)

Mani Mandir

Wellingdon Secretariat

Sipoc Ceramic

Art Deco Palace


Nehru Gate

Kabir Dham or kabir vadi


Rafaleshwar Mahadev Temple

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad (244 km from Morbi Railway Station)
Rajkot Domestic Airport (67 km from Morbi Railway Station)
Morbi Railway Station
GSRTC Bus Stand, Morbi (2 km from Morbi Railway Station)
Old Housing ST Bus Stand, Morbi (700 m from Morbi Railway Station)
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Krishna Multi Speciality Hospital
Aayush Multispeciality Hospital
Ganga Spa
Boss Spa
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Shop & Eat

Jatan Shree Handicraft
Kartik Art and Craft
Radha Krishna Jewellers
Manhar Jewellers
Shreeji Jewellers
Samarat Jewellers
Sky Shopping mall
Shubh Restaurants
The Grand Mom's Restaurant
Khodiyar Retaurant
Mahesh Hotel